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Osteopathic Capabilities: Clinical Analysis

This capability incorporates an osteopath’s ability to gather information about a patient’s health from a bio-psychosocial and environmental perspective. This should inform examination and screening, diagnosis, prognosis, condition and health management from a patient-oriented context. This diagnosis and care plan should reflect the complex bio-psychosocial and environmental nature of the presentation and include ongoing review. It incorporates an understanding of clinical complexity and uncertainties and the professional commitment to manage these components within patient care.

• Gathers, organises and records a focused personal health record

• Synthesizes information into a suitable working diagnosis and an understanding of general health status

• Devises and instigates a plan of care addressing the person’s presenting disorder and their general health, in consultation with that person (or their representative or carer)

• Establishes a prognosis, appropriate outcome measures, reviews patient progress and modifies plan of care as required

• Recognises when further information is required

• Critically reflects on clinical challenges and uncertainties

February 9th 2019


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