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Osteopathic Capabilities: Person Oriented Care and Communication

This capability incorporates an osteopath’s ability to adapt the consultation process to the individual. This involves being sensitive to their needs and goals, recognising their central place in ongoing decision making, whilst displaying cultural awareness. This encompasses the osteopath orienting their communication to best aid the individual in decision making. It also includes education about the diagnosis, prognosis, proposed management plan, self-management and other options of care that may become appropriate over time.

• Considers socio-cultural factors in communication and management strategies
• Uses appropriate questioning strategies
• Ensures patient and/or care giver comprehension
• Ensures patient’s goals and concerns are identified and integrated into the clinical analysis
• Obtains consent having discussed risks and benefits
• Communicates clearly with respect to diagnosis, prognosis, possible management plans, self management and other options of care
• Takes account of previous patient/care giver experiences of health care of medical and allied health systems
• Understands the complexity of therapeutic relationships and has the professionalism to engage in appropriate levels of interaction and care
• Ensures a professional commitment towards patient / care giver trust, confidentiality, safety and patient oriented care
• Understands when a representative, carer or family member communicates on behalf of, or in conjunction with the patient and / or care giver is required, and acts accordingly

February 10th 2019


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