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Osteopathic Capabilities: Osteopathic Care and Scope of Practice

Osteopathic philosophy encompasses the ability of practitioners to adopt an individualised approach to patient care, within general osteopathic approaches to patient care. This capability addresses the way that the general and individual approaches to patient care are related to and integrated into general healthcare concepts and practices. In so doing, practitioners must be cognisant of general and personal limitations of practice. This capability includes reflection and revision of healthcare delivery based upon an evidence informed rationale.

• Implements an appropriate management plan that reflects the application of osteopathic philosophy

• Understands and can appropriately employ a variety of osteopathic examinations and treatment techniques and approaches

• Recognises and acts within the scope of osteopathic practice

• Where the patient has a condition that requires other medical assessments and / or interventions the osteopath identifies how any ongoing osteopathic care of the person should be adapted

• Adapts ongoing care of a patient to their general health and wellbeing needs and to their age and circumstances

• Identifies how their personal professional approach to patients is placed within general osteopathic healthcare philosophy and practice

• Recognises and acts within scope of personal osteopathic capabilities

• Modifies and adapts management in accordance with osteopathic practice

February 11th 2019


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